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The Monkey Trial                              indiebound                 amazon/ barnes and noble          clarion books

The Forest in the Sea                         indiebound                amazon/barnes and noble           holiday house

Save the Endangered Species           indiebound                amazon/ barnes and noble           philomel

Meltdown                                          indiebound                amazon/barnes and noble            workman

Hello, Puddle!                                     indiebound               amazon/barnes and noble            clarion books

ITCH!                                                   indiebound                amazon/ barnes and noble               HMH

Wait Till It Gets Dark                           indiebound                amazon/barnes and noble                globe pequot

Karl, Get Out of the Garden!               indiebound                 amazon / barnes and noble                    charlesbridge

In Praise of Poison Ivy                         indiebound                 amazon / barnes and noble                    rowman


Leaflets Three                                        indiebound                 amazon / barnes and noble                    boyds mills press


Teeth of the Lion                                   indiebound                 amazon / barnes and noble                    mcdonald&woodward


The Invasion of Sandy Bay                     indiebound                 amazon / barnes and noble                  boyds mills press


Mr. Lincoln’s Chair                                indiebound                 amazon / barnes and noble                   mcdonald&woodward


Photo Credit:  Wells Horton (used with permission)