Save the Endangered Species

A multi-part series on some of the most fascinating and rare wildlife on our planet. For kids 6 and up.

Each book includes many ideas for ways even the youngest readers can become wildlife activists and help to save their favorite animals.

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save the whale sharks sanchezSave the Whale Sharks


The passengers on the boat stare wide-eyed into the clear water. A huge, dark shape glides just under the surface, jaws stretched in a massive grin. The shark is bigger than a person, bigger than an elephant, bigger than the boat! Its enormous mouth is wide enough to swallow you whole.

But this is a gentle giant.


save the giraffes sanchezSave the Giraffes

If you want to look a giraffe in the eye, you have to look up…up…up! The giraffe looms high over your head, calmly chewing leaves while its keen, long-lashed eyes gaze down at you standing far below.



Save the Gorillas   May 2023

What happens if you tickle a gorilla? And would you dare to try?

Gorillas are big animals that can be really, really scary. They have huge fangs, enormous muscles, and can weigh four hundred pounds. Sometimes a male gorilla will pound his chest and let out a terrifying roar. Their massive arms are strong enough to tear down trees and bend iron bars. Who wouldn’t be scared?

But it turns out that gorillas aren’t as dangerous as they look. They don’t eat people—in fact, they don’t eat meat at all, just plants. Gorillas can be gentle friends and tender, loving parents. And they really like to laugh.gorilla reaching zoo


Save the Koalas    2023

Did you ever hug a koala bear? You might have! A lot of the stuffed teddy bears you see on toy store shelves are designed to look like cute, fuzzy koalas. But in real life, there’s no such thing as a koala bear.

The small mammals known as koalas are often called bears because they look like little bear cubs, with their short round ears, pudgy bodies and funny noses. But koalas aren’t related to bears at all—they’re a special kind of animal called a marsupial, which means that they carry their babies in a pouch on their stomachs. These funny, furry animals are some of the most amazing creatures that live in the huge island continent of Australia.


Save the Pandas    2024

 Would you like to go to a panda’s birthday party? You’re invited!

The birthday boy is a roly-poly young panda named Xiao Qi Ji. His parents came from China, but he was born at the National Zoo in Washington DC. To celebrate his second birthday, the zoo staff made him his own special cake, a giant “fruit-sicle” of frozen fruit juice decorated with bananas and chunks of sweet potato, apple, and sugar cane.

Save the Penguins     2024