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Avian Weeds

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No, it’s not the Parthenon. Or something built by spendthrift emperors in Ancient Rome. This is the State Education Department building in Albany, NY. It’s really a magnificent building. Based on the greatest traditions of Western architecture, only on a huge scale. You could comfortably fit about eight Parthenons inside it. I marvel at the beauty of this building, and also at what’s perched on top of it. Now, if you’ve been reading this blog you know I like odd plants. My favorites of all are dandelions and poison ivy. I just have a thing for the unloved ones. And so,...

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Hey hey, ho ho, Hydrofracking has to go!

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Today I went to an anti-fracking rally at the Empire State Plaza in Albany NY. I almost didn’t go—it’s not like I don’t have a hundred and seventeen other things to do, and besides I knew I would never find a parking space. But at the last minute I decided to show up. Me and two thousand other people. Everyone was carrying signs. Most of the signs just read “Ban Fracking.” But some of the signs really had some carefully worded and worthwhile points to make. I’ll spare you the lecture about hydrofracking and just let some of the more thoughtful signs speak for themselves.      ...

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Moss: City Green

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I’ve lived within spitting distance of Albany NY for most of my life—and yet it’s a place I never go. Oh, I might go to the outskirts, the mall or the movie theater, but I rarely venture into the city itself. So the other day I decided to be a tourist and explore a bit. There are some beautiful old brownstones, and interesting shops and restaurants (a terrific Jamaican restaurant well named the Hot Spot). But as usual, I was on the lookout for plants. However, the prospects were dim for greenery—we’ve had over a foot of snow and the day I picked for my stroll was about 10 degrees with a wind...

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Art in Unexpected Places

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I was driving along Livingston Avenue in downtown Albany the other day, just minding my own business, and suddenly I had the uneasy feeling that someone was watching me… And I was right… In a deserted, snowy empty lot, this painting just stares out over the neighborhood. I have no idea who this person is, or who painted the mural. It must have taken a long time, and the face has been there quite a while. You can see the bricks crumbling under the skin.                   I love outdoor art. Keep your eyes peeled for this one if you...

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A New Year

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So for my New Year’s resolution, I have vowed to learn more about my favorite subject, and read a botany textbook. Cover to cover. Yes, indeed. I’m going to bone up on mosses and liverworts and the reproductive habits of ferns (which are amazingly kinky and involve swimming) and all the other wonders of botany. Hopefully this will be more successful than last year’s resolution involving exercise and weight loss. So I scouted my bookshelves for a botany book, and unearthed an ancient one—an old college textbook of my father’s, published two short years before I was born. And sadly, while it...

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