Dandelions: On the Road

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The road goes ever on and on.







Down from the door where it began.







Now far ahead the road has gone







And I must follow, if I can…



Or maybe I’ll just germinate right here in the middle of the road…

Is there anywhere—anywhere!–dandelions won’t grow?

A dandelion seed landed here, and somehow found enough specks of dirt and moisture in the cracks to enable it to sprout, and grow, and survive. Dandelions are perennials, and this looks like a well-established plant—it could be five years old or more. The root has probably slithered all the way through the pavement and down to the soil and water beneath. Dandelion taproots can grow as long as fifteen feet into the earth. (Yes, not inches, feet.)

The blacktop acts like a sort of greenhouse, soaking up the sun’s warmth and keeping the plant from getting frost-nipped. Dandelions are a sun-loving species, and there’s certainly nothing here to shade them out.

The middle of the blacktop—perfect dandelion habitat.



Recognize the poem? J.R.R.Tolkien.

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