Morning Glory: Pick Your Own

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A pick-your-own berry farm in West Virginia. The strawberries were too ripe, and the raspberries weren’t ripe enough, but the blueberries were just right. I got there early, before it got too hot—at least that was the plan, but the West Virginia sun was fierce by 9am.

Woven in and out among the blueberry bushes was a glorious tangle of morning glory vines. All the flowers were open wide, delicate pink blossoms that open like parasols and then twist themselves closed not long past noon.  The flowers are so delicate they seem to be made out of tissue paper–but this dainty little plant has muscles. The vines are like wire. Other names for the plant give a clue: bindweed, possession-weed, creeping jenny. Wild morning-glory is a major agricultural weed–costs US farmers millions in crop losses every year. But on a sunny West Virginia morning, it’s hard not to smile at them. morning glory blueberry

Berries $3.50 a quart, morning glories free.


  1. Aarrgh! Morning Glory, my foot! It’s bindweed to me and the scourge of my garden! I’m on the rampage from May through September! I do NOT wax poetic about BINDWEED, by any name!

    • one man’s trash, another man’s treasure…

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