Pigeons: Two in the Bird Bath

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I have to say, I love pigeons. I suppose if you live in a city where there are thousands of pigeons whitewashing the pavement, it’s tempting to call them feathered rats and flying vermin. But they’re so unique, their patterns of feathers so complicated, colors from snow white to slate blue to black and every imaginable combination of spots and stripes and bars. And that cool iridescent-rainbow thing going on around their necks. Like snowflakes, no two alike.pigeons diane hale smith

Thanks to Diane Hale Smith for these wonderful photographs.

Putting up a bird bath, and keeping it clean and full, is one of the nicest things you can do for birds in summer. It’s way better than feeding the birds, in fact as seed can get damp and mildewy in summer humidity, which is not good for the birds. But water is what it’s all about on hot summer days, not just for birds but for insects. A few stones in the bath can provide islands so that bees or moths can clamber out if they get stuck in the deep water.

Who doesn’t love a dip in the pool? Even a squirrel might take the plunge. diane hale smith squirrels pigeons


  1. I admit that I like pigeons, too. I can’t think of a bird that I really don’t like. Even the Turkey Vulture has its own beauty with its color and its huge wingspan. Here in Colorado, our version of the New York city pigeon is the Canada Goose. You cannot go anywhere without seeing them, practically running over them when you drive someplace. But I love them, too. Their coloring is so stark with their black heads and wings. And who doesn’t love to see them flying in formation.

    • Good point. Sometimes we forget to see the beauty in what’s common.

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