Solstice: Tracking the Sun

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Thanks to Photographer Bill Bailey for this amazing photo!
Bill explains: “It is a pinhole photo I made by putting a piece of photographic enlarging paper in a soft drink can with a pinhole poked in the side. It was duct taped to a post in our backyard from December of last year through June of this year. The sun makes a line in the sky that moves as the earth orbits the sun. The paper is not developed, it is bleached out by the exposure and creates a negative image that is scanned into a computer and inverted and processed to make this image. The color comes from the color of the paper as it is exposed. a reddish negative image turns into a cyan positive when the colors are inverted.
The photo, and the camera used to make it, are called Solargraphs. Here’s a how to for the camera I made.”

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