Great Idea: Law on Horseback

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Every now and then, I see something that strikes me as a great idea. A Great Idea. Something that works. Something well designed, well-planned, creative, original. Something that has a positive impact on the environment, or wildlife, or people. (See my post on the High Line in New York City.)

Here’s an urban Great Idea. Police on horseback.

police on horseback

I know it’s not exactly new and original. Law enforcement on horseback dates back to the Lone Ranger, or possibly the Mongols, or Roman centurions, but it just seems like such a positive and effective idea. Police metamorphose from something scary and threatening into something intriguing. Kid-friendly. What kid doesn’t want to pet a horse?

Great for the environment! Cuts down on use of fossil fuels. The horse is powered by a locally grown commodity (hay) and provides useful fertilizer. Less noise. Less traffic. Environmentally friendly law enforcement.

Who else could do their job better on horseback? Mail/newspaper carriers? Pizza delivery folks? School principals?

Me? You?

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